Tourism and
Regional Development

inspektour was founded in 2002 by three graduates of West Coast Applied University in Northern Germany, in cooperation with head of Department of International Tourism Management at this Applied University.

inspektour is a management consultancy for holiday destinations, hotels, recreation and entertainment companies and other institutions with a general focus on the tourism industry.

Our cooperation with the Department of International Tourism (Fachhochschule Westküste – University of Applied Sciences) guarantees that we are always up to date with scientific research developments. Consequently, we are able to successfully combine research, theoretical knowledge and practice with an interdisciplinary orientation. We develop and implement projects in fields such as strategic (marketing) concepts, regional-management, sustainable tourism, city-management, tourism product development, feasibility studies for new attractions, expert monitoring, agriculture or maritime aspects of tourism. Furthermore we have in depth-knowledge in market research since many years.

Our interdisciplinary team consists of consultants with broad experience in these fields and almost all of them have international experience. The company’s management has about 15 years of experience in tourism research and development.

We are located in Hamburg, Germany with one further subsidiary in the North of Germany.

A Selection of our Activities

Consulting and development of concepts in tourism

  • Local, regional and national and concepts in tourism development and marketing
  • Implementation of marketing concepts and advisory function
  • Brand-Management
  • Feasibility studies for science center, museums and recreational institutions
  • Concepts and implementation of re-organisation in tourism
  • Estimation and consultation of tourism projects
  • Installation and supervision of quality management systems
  • Education and Seminars, e.g. Training in quality-management, Education in creativity aspects
  • Organisation of events und workshops
  • Market research

We offer the investigation and evaluation of primary data as well as analyses of secondary data plus interpretation of the results:

  • Surveys in the tourism branch
  • Target group/Source market research
  • Acceptance and image analyses
  • Product testing
  • Study: Destination Brand Germany/Global Destination Brand

As a consultancy, we assist you with the development of ideas, new strategies and concepts. Furthermore, we support you in the realisation, improvement and adaptation of your marketing/communication activities as well as in the creation and layout of printed media.

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